how making gold in classic wow?Solo DM of Priest

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Wow classic making gold guide,Priest farm DM Chapter

Strategies for all human/dwarf disciplines 31/0/20 PVE talent Priest

Prepare beforehand:

Starting to find a mage with water, we need water. Six groups of water can be brushed for half a day, not too much. Change into the ornaments of the Black Hand Task (+2% of the explosive), wrap your body bag clean, how much space can be left!


1. In terms of equipment, change all your wisdom and durability, pile up the blue pile to more than 6500, and the blood volume is not more than BUFF 2700. Under the condition that the hardness of hemocyanin is satisfied, it is the best to wear casualties with law.

2. Crescent Key (Open Door Key)

3. The most important point is that there must be perfusion and holy novae!

4. Peeling specialty (no matter what), peeling is mainly peeling insects, increase income.

5. To satisfy the above three points, congratulations, one hour 40G bottom! Never blow up the book!

Next, let's get to the main point. We don't talk much nonsense. Let's go straight to the strategy.

First, open the door and enter the north of bad luck. Then you will see a wave of JY ogres (note the 110 with two dogs on patrol). They will pacify the wall and enter the corner. The second wave of Ogres will pacify the wall on the right. There will be a table and jump over during the march. At this point you will see the first wave of insects, our goal is them! Ok, give yourself patience, fire of the soul, the highest level of recovery, shield, perfusion! Directly throw a magic wand to start the Holy Nova exploding! There is no pressure after perfusion. Blow up dead and pick up dead bodies! Peeling is better.

The first second wave of insects, due to the infusion of CD, this wave must be careful, the same to endure, the fire of the soul, the highest level of recovery, shield, magic wand strange, at this time obviously feel the blood loss quickly, don't worry, give yourself a desperate prayer when half-blooded, properly over.

Go ahead and see the third wave bug. At this time, we have about 40S left in the CD infusion. When the CD infusion is over, let's go. According to the first wave bug's way of playing, it's easy to switch off, OK! After finishing the work, return to the original way (here is a reminder that the bad luck North Library has NPCs that sell garbage, packed full of garbage can be sold by the way!)


Second, out of bad luck north, left into bad luck east! The journey of brushing flowers begins!

Jump directly on the left front step of Jinben! When you jump, look down at the position of the 110 tree patrol men. Give yourself a magic wand after a big treatment to bring in a bunch of small monsters in front of you and explode the new stars as you walk. Go straight to 7 o'clock on the map, you will see the second wave of flowers, pulled to a safe place and burst, where a bow-shaped tree root in front of the random brush a stack of books, see luck! Then we go clockwise through the bow-shaped roots. At 6 o'clock, we will see the third wave of flowers. The magic wand pulls the wall and bursts. We will sit down and drink water. We will always pay attention to 110 positions. Run straight to 3 o'clock, a bunch of flowers on the road directly with the face to open strange, because this position 2 waves 110 patrols back and forth, we have to run while bursting into a safe position, if you want to be stable, you can run to the wall magic wand to open strange. Ok, there will be a stack of books, but it's too close to JY weird for us to open.

This is the end, a trip down in about 15 - 18 minutes, proficiency can be faster!