how making gold in classic wow?Gather Black lotus

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Wow classic making gold guide,Herb Gathering Chapter

First of all, we should talk about the basic knowledge of picking black lotus. People who often pick flowers can skip it. This is common knowledge. Everyone on earth knows it.

Black lotus has only four maps that can be brushed, namely Eastern Plague, Hilisus, Burning Plain and Winter Spring Valley. The rare BOSS brushes of bad luck can also be brushed. It's better not to touch that luck. Each map has 10 points The red dots on the map indicate the refresh location:


The refresh time of the Black Lotus is 45 minutes to 75 minutes after harvest. Another kind of refresh time is not harvested for several hours. It will be brushed out about 10 minutes after harvest. Sometimes it will be brushed 10 minutes after tuesday. It is estimated that this is the service to adjust the time of the black lotus. The probability is very small. Usually we can not touch this luck. After the black lotus flower is picked, the early flower is brushed at 45-60, the middle flower is brushed at 60-72, and the late flower is brushed at 72-75. The time judgement of this flower mainly depends on experience. For example, if you pick it at 1:00, run past 1:50, run past 1:58, or early flower is brushed at 1:58, run past 2:06, or middle flower is brushed at 2:06, or outdated at 2:14. It's a middle or late flower. It's not at 2:14, but it's picked at 2:22. That's the standard late flower. Because when it's brushed from 1:14 to 1:15, you just brush it. Fortunately, no one runs, or you won't get it. This experience is mainly useful in the two places of Hilisus and Burning Plain, because the winter springs and the Eastern Plague need 15 minutes a lap, so it is not clear what it took, while the Hilisus and Burning Plain only need about 8 minutes a lap, so it is good to determine the time.

Now talking about regularity, the refresh point of Black Lotus is not regular. Generally, it is very common to brush two times at one point, even three times a week. I haven't met four times a week, so the point is not sure. Generally, after three times of brushing, I won't run this point next time. It's very difficult to brush that again. After harvest, if it is early flower, the next one is usually middle or late flower, among which the possibility of middle flower is greater, the time difference between 0:55-1:05 after harvest is more likely to brush. Of course, I often encounter early, late, early and late flowers brushing like this, running thieves are tired. If it's Zhonghua, it's not easy to run, because early, middle and late are possible, the best way is to start running at 0:45, so safety first. If it's late flowers, it's easy. Usually it's early flowers. If it's not early, it's middle flowers. If it starts running at 0:45, it won't take time to pick it up. Of course, I also meet late flowers, but the probability is too low to care too much.

Above is the time summary of the brush, and there is another point to explain that if you brush early flowers, because you do not have time to pick late flowers, then the next according to the time or according to the law of early flowers to brush, will not be based on the time you pick (you can count late flowers, but in fact early flowers), remember.

A Black Lotus flower, time mastered, point mastered, the rest is running, running flowers need what we all know, let alone, now talk about psychological warfare related experience. If you want to keep a picture of flowers, you must have more than two picks. Remember, you must have more than two. And you also need to know who is picking black lotus in that picture. How do you know? Good question. When you run, pay attention to observe the surroundings. As long as you meet someone who is running in the place where only the runners will meet (often head-to-head encounter), you can immediately become a friend. Then you can observe his mode of action and judge his dangerous level. If you pick this picture and go to other pictures immediately, you will be in high danger. If you pick it up one hour later and then go online, you will be in middle danger. Hazard level, if only occasionally picked, low risk level.

Another important thing about picking black lotus is to pick it quietly. For example, when you meet someone running at 1 o'clock, you will stay for a while and then go off the line. Then the next one will be picked by another number, so that even if you are friends, you will be reduced to a low risk level, which is very safe. If people rush to pick on the spot, no matter whether it is picked or not, it's better not to use that number on that day. Safety first, we can't let other people know who is keeping flowers with what number. Keep in mind. There is another characteristic of quietly picking, that is, if you have to kill the weirdness on the spot, you will kill all the other weirdness on the edge after picking, which results in the false impression that the trainer or the weirdman did it, not the flower picker did it. If you see the weirdness on the spot when you run, you can make a note of the time and decide that the above time was picked when you don't have enough time, of course. Make sure you run long enough. I often run late and pick it up.

After adding people as good friends, we should judge what kind of flower picker he is. If he is a person who keeps several pictures, he is an idiot, robbing him without discussion, and it is easy to rob him. If you want to keep several graphs, you must have a sign for each graph, and it only takes 1 minute to change the sign. The most important thing to guard the Black Lotus is to see who will grab it. If you run for a few hours, you have to rely on luck to guard the flower. I usually open it in pairs. One will hide directly in the upper left of XLSS and the other will run nine other points. It takes less time and more chances to run one lap.

The above experience is just my personal experience of flower-keeping. I can not use it for reference. I will discuss it with you. A person will always have something he doesn't know.